Monday, January 30, 2012

The Middle Eastern Chauvinist Dude

So I was reading the reviews of Summers on Yelp! the other day (as I am wont to do because I have trouble coming up with my own material and am not above borrowing from others). I came across a review from Jess S that was posted on January 19.

In that review Jess thought it was disgusting that the manager, the owner or whoever that middle eastern chauvinist dude is who is always there would only hire Asian women.

I'm not one to generally stick up for Summers because the service can be very slow, but I thought I would respond.

One, Jess made a comment based on something that was heard. I know the plea will fall on deaf ears, but one should always check facts before making blanket statements and then posting them for others to read. One might also want to give the place a second chance because there are more than legions of Asian that work in Summers.

Two, the owner of whoever that guy is that is always there is Maltan. He's from the Mediterranean, but isn't technically from the Middle East. Might want to tweak your racial profiling database with the additional data.

Three, the owner doesn't just employ females. He's not a total chauvinist.

Sure, the service is slow. Sure, some of the bartenders and wait staff don't speak English. Sure, some of the food can taste microwaved.

But before you label someone a chauvinist based on something you thought you heard you might want to stop, breathe, count to 10 and write a less reactionary review.

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  1. Here here. The Maltan maniac ain't all bad.