Monday, February 27, 2017

Annoying Customers

How do you deal with annoying customers?

I know it is a more difficult question than most at Summers due to the lack of customers (which leads to a lack of experience) but to be fair, the answer should not matter based on quantity or percentage.

Take this evening for example.

A single customer was playing potential phone ringtones such that everyone in the establishment could hear them, She was cackling and snorting to her heart's content with every ringtone she heard. Granted there were not a lot of customers in Summers at the time but part of the the Summers aesthetic is that you can come to Summers and find your own peace and quiet.

At what point can you tell customers that they are being annoying?

Does it matter they are annoying other customers?

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Take A Walk on the Summers side

I enjoy going to Summers and I enjoy the people I meet there.


I would fear for my life if I had to walk down the street past Summers when the weather was nice.

There is always a lot of hooting and hollering and shouting and frivolity and jumping and singing and clapping. But now that I think about it, as much as I would hate to be on the outside looking in, I enjoy being on the inside. That's why people go to Summers as a matter of fact, it is not the service, it is not the food, it is the camaraderie and friendship.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Shock Absorber

I was in Summers today. Shocker. No, not that shocker, that is to say we are not giving our reader the shocker, instead our reader might be given a surprise with intense horror. Which they shouldn't be because I'm in Summers like every other day. I was being facetious anyway. Anyway, when I was in Summers today I learned that Summers had run out of Amstel Light. Shocker. Yes, that shocker. It certainly felt like Joe was giving his customers one in the stink. I mean who runs out of beer? Perhaps more egregiously, who then says that beer which people are drinking won't be available for at least a week? We shouldn't be shocked that Joe & Summers continue to set the customer service bar so low, but I continue to be shocked and it hurts.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Everything is Coming Up George

Oh, I hate serving customers.

Hey, despite me customers still want to drink alcohol.

Everything is coming up George.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Let's Make Summers George Again

The other day I stumbled into Summers seeking shelter from the storm looking for some cheap alcohol.

Unfortunately I was three minutes off my target arrival time and I was informed George was on his way so I was afraid to order a drink because George doesn't want anyone else behind his bar when he arrives.

And I know we're working to make America great again but we're not working to make Summers great again if servers and waitstaff can't work together to serve patrons that are on site even if staff are not.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Summers Year in Preview 2017 - #3: The Problem of the Missing Chairs

Sherlock Holmes is the smartest person I've ever met.

Okay, so Sherlock Holmes isn't a real person but I'm not really sure that Joe is. I mean, what human being with a brain would run Summers the way that Joe runs it, right?

Even so, Joe and Sherlock Holmes have similarities. Sherlock uses deductive reasoning and Joe uses no reasoning. Sherlock is observant and Joe isn't. Sherlock has helped people in need, Joe has not. To top it all off, Sherlock has a trusted lieutenant in John Watson, Joe has a trusted informant in George.

Unfortunately, the differences set them apart. Sherlock likes solving mysteries, Joe likes creating them. Take the intriguing mystery of the missing chairs.

The weather was nice today so who wouldn't want to sit outside on one of Summers luxurious outdoor chairs? Let's get Sherlock on the case.

Except he won't solve the case of the missing chairs.

Why not? Because the homeless people keep stealing them.

Except the homeless people seem to be stealing them and hiding them behind Summers.