Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Summers Year in Preview 2017 - #3: The Problem of the Missing Chairs

Sherlock Holmes is the smartest person I've ever met.

Okay, so Sherlock Holmes isn't a real person but I'm not really sure that Joe is. I mean, what human being with a brain would run Summers the way that Joe runs it, right?

Even so, Joe and Sherlock Holmes have similarities. Sherlock uses deductive reasoning and Joe uses no reasoning. Sherlock is observant and Joe isn't. Sherlock has helped people in need, Joe has not. To top it all off, Sherlock has a trusted lieutenant in John Watson, Joe has a trusted informant in George.

Unfortunately, the differences set them apart. Sherlock likes solving mysteries, Joe likes creating them. Take the intriguing mystery of the missing chairs.

The weather was nice today so who wouldn't want to sit outside on one of Summers luxurious outdoor chairs? Let's get Sherlock on the case.

Except he won't solve the case of the missing chairs.

Why not? Because the homeless people keep stealing them.

Except the homeless people seem to be stealing them and hiding them behind Summers.

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