Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rocktoberfest - Day 2

Cold beer glasses, and pickleback pain,
Listen to the whistle of the metro train.
You know you bound to wind up po',
If you don't give back to Tennessee Joe.

Non-happy hour prices hurt my head,
But even during happy hour this place is dead.
Well, do you know it's like I said,
You better give back  to Tennessee Joe.

Drink all day and karaoke all night
(except on Thursday or Saturday),
Laurie come to get you if you don't walk right
Got a text this morning, "pay your tab" all it read,
You better give back to Tennessee Joe.

I fell three stairs and cracked my spine,
Sonny, come quick with the iodine,
Catch a few winks, baby, on the patio
Then you better not sue Tennessee Joe.

I almost run into Umbetro,
Blacked my eye and he kicked my cat,
My kitty turned to me and she meow,
We better pay back Tennessee Joe.

I woke up a feelin' mean,
Hung over and looking green,
The wheels turned around, and the vomits flow
You better pay back Tennessee Joe.

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