Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summers Beautification Project Underway

It appears as though the Summers back bar is undergoing some kind of paint job.  The back bar is being painted blood red, in what was described by Joe as a strategic move to contrast with the green bar up front.  Maybe he was starting to feel guilty about making all those environmental claims back on Earth Day, and decided to use this gruesome paint color to reflect the real story.  Regardless, it ought to be interesting, as the executive decision was made to forgo the traditional, professionally advised use of a tinted primer (or any primer for that matter) in favor of the "three coats" approach.  Anyone who has ever attempted to paint anything red (obviously not Joe), especially over top of a darker color, should be able to see where this is heading.  The good news is that blood red walls do have the proven effect of stimulating appetite in humans.

After the walls have been butchered, so to speak, there is a plan in the works to paint the ceiling a rusty orange color called Gingerbread something-or-other.  Joe explained to me that this was being done because the metal frame for the ceiling tiles is "already stained that color anyway."  How sensible.  The current plan is to just paint over the decades-old ceiling tile.  Bye-bye mold!  Black mold is kinda like monsters in your closet: the more you believe they exist, the more they will try to get you.

Stay tuned for updates as the renovation carries on!

1 comment:

  1. You know who does a beautification project right? Rock-It Grill that's who.

    Yes, Rock-It Grill is a more scraping the bottom of the barrel low-rent dive I wouldn't take my worst enemy to even if he had stolen my girlfriend and married her and then asked me to be his best man and then mentioned Chris Pronger in his wedding vows because he was originally from Philadelphia, because its always sunny in Philadelphia dont you know, even though he claims to be a true hockey fan and he doesn't realize that Chris Pronger is only in it for the money and he's a dirty dirty player, so dirty it makes the black nail polish on my fingers blush, and if you ask me how I actually ended up being friends with someone that was originally from Philadelphia I'll cross-check you into the boards so hard your mom wouldn't recognize you, speaking of which I'm pretty sure Chris Pronger's mom wouldn't recognize him he's so ugly, but he's just the type of guy to take his Mom to Rock-It for Mothers Day, but not me, I wouldn't take my worst enemy there for I Hate You You're Such An Over-Bearing Prick With That Hat and Your Talk of Russian Trash Cans Day, so even though I wouldn't take him there, it is still a hell of a lot nicer inside than Summers.

    They redid the carpet and the dance floor and they have tasteful red walls. Rock-It Red good, Summers Red bad.