Tuesday, May 18, 2010

World Cup Haikus

Everyone at Summers is getting really excited about the 2010 FIFA World Cup which will begin in just a few short weeks.  Joe is getting the cave all gussied up with red paint, and I hear he's having new t-shirts made for the staff to wear.  World Cup sure is an inspirational event!  Lately I've even found some random, somewhat mysterious haikus lying around in the dark corners of the restaurant, so I thought I'd share.

World Cup is coming
Time to refill the hand soap
From four years ago

Servers are busy
Sonny will take your order
Hooray for World Cup

World Cup is starting
Wipe this lipstick off my dick
Dust off the bar stools

Aren't these some of the most festive haikus you could imagine?  Joe gets a special twinkle in his eye this time of year.  If you see any more poetry lying around, please let us know.


  1. Can't wait to see what beer and food specials wil be available between 7:30 and 10:00 am only and only if you sit in the RED ROOM.

  2. That's a good one, bedazzler! Maybe Slumlog could present a "suggested specials" menu for World Cup season. Hmmm...
    But I imagine the actual 7:30-10:00 AM specials will be something like, "cleanest ashtrays all day."

  3. Bedazzler:

    You half look like Jack from The Shining already. I'll buy you an axe if you promise to chop down the door to the "unisex" bathroom in the Red Rum.

    Of course, the stupid door doesn't lock, so it is not like you have to chop it down, you can just open it and be like "Here's Johnny!

    Oh wait, you were using the facilities?

    My bad.

    I just came in here to chop your head off because I've spent six months in this god-forsaken snow-bound motel and I'm insane, but excuse me I didn't know the lavatory was occupied.

    Look at the egg on my face. I'm so embarassed.

    Joe should really get that door fixed and save us the awkward moments like this.

    Good thing I still have my axe.

    Maybe he'll actually put my game on now."

  4. Maradona yes
    Christiano Rinaldo?
    If he does not whine

    Messi is a mess
    Where is Francesco Totti?
    Adu is too old

    Soccer is futbol
    What's the difference?
    Does anyone care? no.

  5. Bedazzler is gone
    Why hast though foresaken me
    Please post again pretty please