Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No Green is Good Green with the GWashington GCapitals

This is GMike Green GBobblehead and the no Ginjury Gnews is Good Gnews show, the only Gonline Ginjury Gnews Gprorgram Guaranteed to contain no Good Ginjury Gnews whatsoever. My Ginjured Gknee is so Gsore I may Gnever Gplay Gagain. Gisn't it Gironic considering GMike Green does Gnothing Gbad or Gnothing Gwrong ever. I Gjust Gplay Ghockey. GOAL! I Gjust got done Gsaying Gnothing ever bad gets Greported on my Gshow. Gshape up you Guys. And play some Gother Gucking Gefense so I don't have to Gblock Gshots with my Gknee.

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