Tuesday, October 2, 2012


We here at Rogue Enterprises Inc apologize for our terrible record for posting to this blog during Sucktember 2012. Below is a partial list of the bullshit excuses our editorial team compiled:

1. We found a keg of Peroni left over from the World Cup and drank ourselves blind.
2. We were serving as replacement referees in the National Football League.
3. We're still trying to get over the fact the Red Room is non-smoking.
4. We were stuck on the Metro Blue Line for an entire month.
5. We were so distraught Joe canceled Wednesday karaoke.
6. We were too busy jumping on the Nationals bandwagon.
7. Its October already? Where the f' did the summer go?
8. Neither Obama nor Romney endorsed our message.
9. We've been trying to resolve the hockey lockout.
10. We've been rereading 50 Shades of Gray.
11. Kristen Stewart cheated on us.
12. We do not have Siri.
13 Nasdaq.
14. RG III.
15. ODB.
16. Ahmadinejad.
17. Maryland's Proposition7.
18. We're dumber than Ryan Lochte.
19. We depleted our supply of blue electrical tape.
20. Its Summers, what the hell did you really expect?

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