Monday, February 3, 2014

Legion of Gloom

The only thing worse than Peyton Manning's performance on Sunday was Javelin Joe's. I don't want to start 2014 with a rant, but Coors Light isn't really a beer special because it really isn't a beer. And who the hell wanted a Chicago-style hot dog with a dashof celery salt? The Chicago Bears weren't in the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl wasn't played in Chicago (not that it was played in New York by the Broncos either). You would have been much better off trying to serve some New York themed dishes like a knish or some baked pretzels. And what's up with the 1992 clip art image? The Detroit Lions haven't been in the Super Bowl since... man, I'm terrible at math... carry the one... since never.

Joe really needs to focus less on shitty grammatically-incorrect poster (there was only one in the entire bar) and more on improving the service. Okay, so the service might not get better that quickly so let's focus on branding. Buy Summers-themed electrical tape to hang the posters and proof-read them before you hang them up or you'll turn that 16 oz. can of PBR into a 16 oz. can't.

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