Monday, June 6, 2011

Ours is Not To Wonder Why

Ours is not to wonder why, ours is but to do and die. Its not the charge of the Light Brigade, but I still feel it is our duty to fill out this survey and let Joe really know what we think about Summers. We've all talked about Summers in hushed tones and whispers behind peoples' backs, but now is our chance. Everything that we feel, right wrong or indifferent should be made plain. It may be a little too late for some of the problems at Summers are not recent, but I honestly admire the effort. Actually, I was completely floored. I couldn't believe that Joe would actually do something like this. It is all for naught though unless he does something with the information that he gathers and improves Summers for the better.

But not too much better, I still want to be able to get a seat.

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