Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quandian Quatrains

Tuesday night at Summers is no longer for salsa dancing
Still, that does not stop the Canadians from prancing
And swarming the dance floor like they own the joint
I could ask them to stop but what would be the point?

Later that evening I asked one of them the rules of hockey
They said surely you ask me this just to mock me
The rules are as plain as the nose on your face
If you don't know the rules of hockey, leave this place.

I don't know the rules of some stupid game so you ask me to leave
And in so departing your damnable presence I will not grieve
I had previously thought that all Canadiana were cool
But this one in the funny looking hat is a fool.

So I asked the other one if he knew anything about puppets
He said I've met Gonzo, I think he's one of the muppets
I've also met Oscar the Grouch, he lives on Sesame Street.
Then he asked me, do these sliders contain actual meat?

To which I said, I have no clue how the food is prepared
To ponder that simple question I have never even dared
I think I saw Sonny mixing up ingredients in his bucket
After throwing up in my mouth a little, I said gross.

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