Thursday, March 1, 2012

Q & A With Mike Green

It is one of the privileges of being a bobble head superstar to be able to interview other superstar wannabes. Last Tuesday I was asked to interview the real Mike Green for Craps Extra in the free SExpress. Below are excerpts from our interview:

MGBH: How nice has it been to be back the last few games?

MG: Its been great. I don't actually play defense so its been pretty easy.

MGBH: How do you feel its going so far?

MG: It takes some time. I'm slow. And lazy. I've got to get my timing back and my feel and figure out where I can slack off and someone will still cover for me.

MGBH: What's the greatest hurdle for you to get back into the swing of things?

MG: The biggest hurdle is probably that I can't actually play hockey. The next biggest hurdle is probably that the team sucks this year and that makes me look bad.

MGBH: You know what else makes you look bad? You're talking to a bobble-head version of yourself.

[some mike green comments might have been paraphrased - ed.]

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