Saturday, February 25, 2012

Breaking Bad: Summers Menu Gets a Makeover

As a fake employee of this establishment, I want to start by saying I speak from a place of love in my heart. I love this place. I don't like being the door to the smoking side because it stinks, but I love the quiet. That being said, you can put lipt stick and a pearl necklace on a pig, but its still a fucking pig. Putting a new menu cover on the Summers menu isn't going to make the food taste any better or the service any more responsive. Where to start with the new design? I don't think I've ever seen a sandwich that good-looking at Summers. Hey, how do doin? If you look closely enough you can see where Joe cut out the sports graphics from Friday's free Express. Spend some money on the graphics Joe or nobody will ever take you seriously as a serious business owner (you might also want to proofread the inside of the menu for spelling mistakes because we all know King Menus Inc ain't no Google). If you look even more closely than that, you can see where Joe used scotch tape to make the photocopies. At least he didn't use blue tape. Thank god for small miracles, eh?

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