Monday, February 21, 2011

Salsa is as Salsa Does

It is time to put my door stop down.

I thought salsa dancing at Summers was a stupid idea to start. Confiscating the cash prize and effectively cancelling the constest is so stupid it makes me smile.

Summers is not a salsa crowd so hosting a Salsa night was stupid.

Failing to build loyalty and providing free lessons to draw customers was stupid.

Mandating a cover charge was stupid.

Suggesting a trophy was stupid.

Offering a cash prize was stupid.

Failing to predict the number of customers that would participate was stupid.

Rescinding the offer of cash and a trophy was stupid.

Not removing the offers of cash & trophy from all the posters was stupid.

Cancelling the salsa contest forty-five minutes before it started was stupid, and was really just the last item in a long list of mistakes. Summers customers shouldn't really be surprised though, its standard Mean Joe Green M.O.


  1. I find it haunting the way Sonny lurks around the front door collecting cover charges.

    But let's face it, Summers stopped being serious about Salsa when they axed the Mojitos.

  2. render unto Caesar that which is Ceasar's. If you've got a problem with the way I collect taxes, how about I drop you in my bucket? Maybe that will make you think twice before giving me any lip.

  3. I am still serious about Salsa, what about you?