Friday, October 14, 2011

A Little Light Reading

Have you ever read the Summers menu? I mean really read the menu? Like not just looked at what's available, but read it cover to cover like a book? Don't.

I haven't read anything so poorly written, so loosely constructed with so many spelling and grammatical mistakes since I wrote a short essay in second grade about how Guy LaFleur was my hero. Okay so I didn't actually write it because I skipped kindergarten and missed the lessons on printing so I dictated it to my Mom but being my Mom she included all the mistakes that I made. Reverse-Oedipal complex aside, the shitty spelling on the Summers menu is surely another sign Summers senior management doesn't give a shit about some semblance of service or about spurring sales.

Seriously, read the menu. Actually read it. Its harder to read than Beowulf.

And Beowulf's in Olde English.

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