Thursday, January 5, 2017

Summers Year in Review 2016 - #2

There was a lot of turnover in the Summers staff in 2016. We lost Tonia, Yulia, and some lady that showed up dead drunk on her first day at Summers and hadn't even started her first shift before she began accosting customers and yelling at passersby. We also lost Lesley on some trumped up charge of stealing booze during her shift despite being popular and the booze she was allegedly stealing was a customer favorite so rather than determining she was selling something that everyone was ordering, Summers management assumed she was stealing but that sordid story is for another post. Perhaps the most mind-boggling staff change in 2016 was one that didn't happen. Perhaps even more surprising than Donald Trump's victory in the November election is that George is still employed at Summers. I mean how does that happen? Asking why George still tends bar at Summers is kind of like asking why is "Two Broke Girls" still on television since both are terrible and appeal to the lowest common denominator. George doesn't listen to customers, consistently gets orders wrong and consistently gets bills wrong. He's also slow and inattentive. Summers has consistently set an extremely low bar for customer service, but this is bordering on inexcusable. 2017 is the time to make Summers great again, so let's make a fresh start and get rid of George.

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