Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red Red Room

Red red room
Burns through my eyes
Makes me forget
This is the bar, I used to go

Red red room
You’re growing on me
Your door has a stop
It's tearin' apart
My green, green heart

Red red room you make my heart skip a beat
And it’s not just from the puke under my feet

Red red room you make me have so much fun
Listening to the World Music you just have spun

Red red room, I’m feelin’ the heat
And yup, or maybe, it’s from what I had to eat

Red red room our love is not a fad
People who say that are still wearing plaid

Red red room, people come from miles
Just to see your Moldy Tiles

Red red room you make me feel melancholy
And I just learned to spell that from a girl named Holly

Red red room you know I'd never cheat
You’re the only place I can visit with my big smelly feet

Red red room you make me feel so down
Maybe, because, I live across town

Red red room I can't get you off my mind
Wherever you are, I'll surely find
Even if you make me blind

1 comment:

  1. One would figure that if the red red room was burning your eyes and making you blind, that you would have a fairly easy time getting if off your mind. At the very least, you could sue it for negligence, get the red red room through in jail for vagrancy for failing to pay your legal bills and then not have to see it for 10-20.