Monday, July 5, 2010

Red Room, White and Blue

Red room, white and blue, what does Summers mean to you?
Independence Day, how do you feel about the U.S.A.


  1. Dear Summers New Door,
    You are making a good effort at trying to fit in, by asking us about all our personal feelings and such. I can only hope you'll be using this information for good and not for evil. To me, Summers means a place where I can fulfill my fantasy of being observed by total strangers while using a handicapped restroom.
    Yours Truly,

  2. Yo, gnome sane? Summers is like the only place where a lonely orphan bobblehead from Bowie, MD can come and be myself - uh, I mean be hisself. Gnome sane? It's like yo. Look. It's like that time my grandma was mad at me and Justin was busy on tour or some shit, gnome sane, and a bro didn't have a place to go just to chill, sing, dance, and just like, maxin relaxin, yo? So that's why JC's gonna always keep like a special place in his heart for that special place in the dark. Where Gramma can't find me and I don't ever have to go home, gnome sane, or ever grow up, yo. Hey yo, I'm startin to get all motional. I think I feel a new song comin on. Where's my magic marker, yo? Peace out.

  3. It says a lot about all y'all that you can't recognize a Toby Keith lyric. Are you un-American or something?

  4. JCB: You're a bigger mushmouth than those retarded Cavemen who appear with me in the Geico commericals. Nobody has any idea what you're saying so you should just shut your trap before I shut it for you. Seriously, any one of the kids in Green's Gang could kick your bitchy little ass punk.