Saturday, July 31, 2010

Canadian Cocktail Party

I miss Summers.

I miss Summers because I am on the road and I am out of the country and I can't drink Molson Canadians on Molson Canadian night. Of course, I'm in Canada and every night is Molson Canadian night and I have a 24 right next to my chair as I sit on the beach. But I digress.

Nothing makes me miss Summers more than standing around on a beach at cocktail hour talking to Canadians that grew up in Barrie or London talking about how awesome there OHL team is and how they went down to see them every Friday night after getting the special at A&W or Harveys and driving to the rink because they had nothing else to do.

Washington DC has ambitious people but nobody like climbers I met from Barrie & Guelph this week. Even though Summers is situated near DC, it doesn't have the ambitious go-getters and social climbers that Parry Sound does, and I miss it. Also, beer is like a million dollars here. I also miss Summers because beer is cheap and I don't have to pay the 15% combined pst & gst.

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