Monday, August 2, 2010


I miss old-school arcade games like Frogger.

The green nausea-inducing walls of Summers make me miss Frogger more.

Which reminds me that Mean Joe Frogger could learn a thing or two about drawing a crowd, even up hear at the northern end of Georgian Bay, up here in the middle of nowhere.

Someone down the beach hosted a frog hunt today. All you had to do was show up with a net, a bucket and BYOB. Oh, and catch frogs. 50 people showed up to catch frogs. Nobody actually caught a frog, well I think the little fat kid did but I'm pretty sure I saw his grandfather pull a frog and some tadpoles out of a bucket in his cooler, but this is Canada so nobody actually get called out for cheating. Anyway, such a simple little premise; wonder out in the bog and try and catch some frogs, and so many people showed up.

I think I'm the only person that shows up specifically for Molson Canadian on Molson Canadian night at Summers, but I'm sure if Mean Joe Green hosted a frog hunt (or a rat hunt) more people would show up and more people would show up on a more consistent basis.

Not a sermon, just a thought.


  1. Maybe someone should call Immigration and they could have a different kind of hunt.

  2. I know someone who works at Immigration. Her name is Jenny Jenny. Her number is 867-5309.