Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hell Is Around The Corner

Is it just me or is it still hot as hell outside?

As Tricky says, "Heat from the sun somedays slowly passes, until then you have to live with yourself" and yes sometimes evil watches from the precipice because hell is around the corner.

Know what else is hot as hell this Summer? Summers' Red Room.

As Tricky might also say, that shit is off the hook. Ironically enough, the Red Room is around the corner from the side door. I'm not sure if it was painted to look like Hell, but when I'm the only person sitting at the bar and my glass is empty and Mya is working, I feel like I'm trapped in the second circle of hell with that wicked carnal malefactor.

To be fair, Joe really rolled out the Red Room carpet on this one. He had special Red Room signs made. He put up special Red Room lights. He even got special pint glasses for his beer specials.

The Red Room is about to blow up for realz folks. Come visit before it gets too trendy, or before football seasons starts because you won't be able to get a seat, let alone your game on tv.


  1. Interesting. Jeff Tweedy (not Tricky or even Twicky for that matter) said that hell is chrome. He said that when the devil came, he was not red. He was chrome and he said, "Come with me."

  2. It is twicky. Its twicky to wock awound the cwock. I bwame that wascaly wabbit.