Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Room

One fish two fish red room blue fish
Black fish blue fish Joe should play Go fish
Summers has a red room and that makes me blue
Summers tiles are moldy and none of them are new
I haven't been to Summers in a month and that makes me sad
I haven't been to Summers in a month and I know that Mya is glad
Why should I be sad when Mya is glad? I don't know. Go ask your Dad.
Some people are thin and some are fat. The annoying one has a yellow hat.
From broom to swiffer, swiffer to broom, lots of funny people in the red room.
Here are some people who like to run, they run for fun in the hot hot sun.
Oh me, Oh my, I had lots fun in Parry Sound.
Oh me, Oh my, I'm glad to be back on home ground.

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