Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dr. Seuss is in Heaven and Weird Al is in Limbo Now

Alright, stop!  Collaborate and listen!

I'm about to bring to your attention a confession, a mention of a pension for this session in regression.  My suggestion is a dare, driven by a rare care about you-know-where.  What do you suppose I propose? Prose. I arose this dawn with a yawn, and looking out upon my lawn I was agog at this very blog just beaming with a stream of keen mean green scheme gleam. I was like, "Alright already!  Who needs a rant? This aunt!"  My reaction was to seek some satisfaction in breaking a tradition for the sake of new addition.  At first I thought I can't, but then I put on my pants, glanced at my plants, did a little dance, and decided to take a chance.  To break the habit, rabbit!  Slaughter that fodder.  Trade vanity for insanity with a vow to somehow plow through a post or two without a foundation of unoriginal inspiration, without a framework of the same work done done already and just sitting in my head, be it something I read or whatever was said, whether I had heard a word or a third.  So look out, Slummers.  It's a new paradigm this time.  I'm looking at you with a new view, it's true.  Don't complain, my bane.  I remain the same inside while riding on a different tide. Yours truly from Slumlog, slog1 (not Ess-dog).      


  1. Hear hear! That Ess-Dog often won't shut his trap.
    I can't believe that people listen to his crap.

  2. don't know exactly what you mean on this screen that weird al is in limbo, jimbo, cuz he's on a bus much of the time going to rhyme on a stage. Turn the page. Engage!