Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Never Try Eating Nectarines

since juice may dispense.

Eight is Enough. Who knew that Cheapskate Joe would actually extend happy hour until 8 PM. Who knew that he would actually stick with something for more than two weeks.

Who knew that the blue tape holding up the happy hour signs would still hold, because when he used it to tape up the Peroni special signs, that blue tape seemed to give out and lose its stickiness after like three hours because all the signs disappeared before the end of the evening. I have to assume the signs were all on the floor because I know that Joe is a marketing genius and he wouldn't take down signs on the same night he put them up, epsecially after all the time he took to format them on his HP LaserJet printer and bought yellow paper from Office Depot.

I actually went into Summers tonight to test my hypothesis that it would not in fact be happy hour at 7:15 PM and that all the signs that I had accidently stumbled upon near the very back of the red room, near the exit, which isn't an exit because you can't actually escape and believe me I know because I tried to climb the fence once but my tie got caught on one of the spikes and I had to call Sonny for help and he rescued me but then made me go back inside and pay my bill; that those signs wouldn't still be hanging on the walls, but they were and I was impressed.

The signs were still up and it was still happy hour at 7:15.

Joe 1, Doubting Thomas 0.

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