Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are you ready for some hockey?

Listen up chumps. Don't hate the playa, hate the game. For all you doubters that said I couldn't play defense, I spent all off-season skating backwards and playing the man and not the puck. As a result, I expect all of you to show up and rock the red in the red room when the season starts!


  1. Seriously, it is hockey time already? Didn't we just get rid of that? Well too bad, all the TVs are for football and for no other sport except for maybe the World Series and mayyybe mens synchronized diving, depending on the mood of the owners and some more demanding patrons - but definitely not for hockey. If you want to watch can go to a practice ring in Ballston and pep up the team with "wrestling /cheerleader style" motivational posters. But not in the RedRoom. Those TVs are packed.

  2. One, it is called a "rink" not a "ring". Two, it is called "futbol" not "football". Three, it is called "the greatest sport ever" not "hockey". Just because we choked in the first round of the playoffs doesn't mean that Washington isn't a hockey town, it just means I have to spend less time at Cafe Asia and more time at the gym.