Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nothing is coming up Milhous

My girlfriend left me. My dog died. My truck broke down. I had a bad day at work. It sounds like a country song, and I hate country music. To add insult to injury, I heard today that Kenny Chesney was the second highest-grossing musical act over the last decade. When Willie Nelson is still alive, that hurts. I thought I could resolve all of my country angst by going to Summers tonight.

But no.

When I got to Summers, it was busy, I was stuck watching tennis, Yoko Mya Ono was there just to break up the Beatles, and I got trapped in a conversation about how it was 9/02/10 and how OMG the original 90210 is totes awesomer than the gag me with a spoon new 902010.

My day went from bad to worse and nothing was coming up Milhous.

I finally realized that Summers, once my fortress of solitude, has been destroyed by the red kryptonite of the red room.


  1. That's so depressing. Maybe someone should organize a "Take Back The Red Room" rally.

  2. We definitely need a Red Room Reboot. Depressing Ess-Dog. This is exactly why I day-dream much of the's better there.

  3. IDK...I meen 90210 is a great schow, howd u not want 2 watch dat? I tink the E-Dogg jus has a prooblem with numberz. woird.

    What iz kryptonite? Jk! I noes Joe.

  4. I raise my door stop in favour of taking back the red room but I can't organize anything because I'm just a door and people would see right through me.