Saturday, September 17, 2011

Om nom nom nom

Nonsense, right? No. What's nonsense is never going to Summers, nay, refusing to ever set foot in Summers. Summers sure ain't the Old Ebbit Grill, and ain't even the Clarendon Grill, hell, it ain't even a Foreman Grill, but to refuse to ever set foot inside Summers is just utter nonsense.

It has beer just like every other bar. Sure, its service and food ain't up to snuff, but they have beer. And it has the cheapest beer in Arlington. And its got a pretty good beer selection and some good happy hour specials.

It has characters just like ever other bar. Sure, you're never ever ever ever going to pick up up anyone here, even if you have happy hour hair, because there ain't ever anyone here during happy hour but also because Summers ain't that kind of place.

There are a couple of things I enjoy about Summers. One is that it is not that busy here, sure, which means there aren't a lot of opportunities to meet new people. I'm never going to pick up here, but at least I can get a seat on which to sit.

Another thing I enjoy is that Summers just ain't that kind of place. Summers ain't a meat market and it ain't a place to get seen. Its a place I like going with my friends to just hand out and chill.

So if you just got your hair dun, Summers ain't the place for you.

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