Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pinball Joe

Ever since I was a young customer
I've come here to drink beer
From Donna to Donnie
I always drink without fear
But I ain't seen nothing like him
In any bar around
That deaf dumb and blind owner
Drove this place in the ground

He stands like a statue
Becomes part of the machine
Feeling all the remotes
Can't keep the ceiling tiles clean
Runs the place without intuition
The number of customers falls
That deaf dumb and blind owner
Wish I could kick him in the balls


  1. Wot?! A think a jus choked on me slyders!

  2. I choked on my own vomit after 40 shots of vodka. By an odd coincidence, my own vomit tasted like Summers Maple Chicken slyders.