Monday, November 29, 2010

I Am Thankful For..

I know its not Thanksgiving any longer, and so this post is completely irrelevant, but the stupid Internet broke under the weight of all the Black Friday etailing so I couldn't post and I couldn't get these stupid and pointless ramblings out of my head so now that the Internet seems on again I have to get rid of these ghosts and wisps of thought that are circulating through my mind.

Top 10 Things I'm Thankful for this Thanksging...

1. Summers - Seriously, I love the place. The beer is cheap; seats are plentiful, frat boy meatheads are not; and really I just want to go where everyone knows my name.

2. The Red Room - Better Red than Dead.

3. Bandwagon Fans - If the Caps and Redskins and DC United didn't have so many bandwagon fans, I wouldn't be able to talk to anyone about sports.

4. Molson Canadian Night - Its beer AND its Canadian. Kill two Loonies with one stone.

5. Due South - I'm not really thankful for Due South although I am watching it courtesy of Netflix (and i dont want to get off on a rant here, but why the hell is netflix raising their dvd rental fees and i dont want to hear from any fratboy meatheads (coughthebedazzlercough) who want to get brownie points by yammering on about how netflix is changing their revenue structure and will be a streaming-only company, i know that, i can read the trade mags, im just saying that streaming a movie or show means no dvd extras which is one of the main reasons i buy dvds in the first place not that im mad or anything im just sayin) and thinking about Molson Canadian made me think of Due South and Leslie Nielsen who passed away recently and I had just watched an episode with him in it, but anyway, RIP Leslie Nielsen.

6. 8 - Happy Hour until 8 is like the best idea Joe has had ever. EVER.

7. The Great 8 - I actually hate him because his success keeps driving ticket prices up, but without him nobody in this town would even know how to spell hockey.

8. Mya - Its a thin line between love and hate. And seriously, I am unoriginal and so without her I don't think I would be able to post anything creative.

9. Yeungling - Its not Molson Canadian. But its beer. And its brewed in a town called Pottsville. And doesn't look like piss (coughmillerlitecough) or smell like piss (coughperonicough (oh no he didnt! oh yes he did! they were serving beer from one keg for like three months!))

10. The barbacks - Sonny, Oomba, et al put up with a lot of shit and I really appreciate the fact that they put up with my drunken antics and clean up my messes.

11. Summers - Seriously. I'm making a point and I can't count.

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  1. Hold up, hold up, hold up. DC fans are da bomb. United has a LOT of work to do, more than the Skins or the Wiz do, but the fans are off the hook.