Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rally to Restore Sa(lsa Ina)nity!

Let's get two things straight. Uno, Summers quiero tanto. Dos, no puedo bailar con esta salsa musica. As a matter of fact, I can't dance at all which is why I hate the idea of Salsa dancing lessons so much. I'm self-concious enough to assume that part of it is my fault. I've always thought of Summers as a real sports bar and a place that showed real sports like hockey and not stupid made-up sports like dancing.

To me dancing is an art. Which means it most definitely not a sport. Mostly because I can't dance, but also because I think it is stupid. Why can't people just listen to music and enjoy it? Either way, dancing is not a sport. And it shouldn't be taking place in a sports bar.

Sure, if I drank too many Molson Canadians on Molson Canadian night, I might try and eat foil, a hard-boiled egg, hot sauce, salt, two pats of butter, cigarette ash, a dash of beer to taste and then try and dance with the First Soprano even though my beer goggles aren't that thick and speaking of thick I couldn't get my arms around her or her super massive ego which makes it super ego hard to salsa dance but you know me, I'm a team player so I tried.

Joe has every right to try new things and draw in new customers, but salsa dancing lessons seems like the stupidest idea ever. Summers is branded as a sports bar, not a dance bar. It is such a dumb idea it reminds me of the time I tried to outdrink Peter at the Drunken Clam.

echo "This is the worst idea "i" Mean Joe Green "i" has ever had;
echo "drunken_clam_clip.wav";

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  1. Hey dummy, it looks like you fucked up the php script at the end there so hopedully you're not paying too much for those free php classes. Ask Hanging Chad for help, he's a Web site guy and you can get together and jam on the guitar and code php scripts. Losers.