Saturday, March 5, 2011

Babylon Summers

There is a great Bob Marley song called 'Babylon System'. I am not a Bob Marley expert and I don't know much about reggae music, but to my knowledge, it is the only song that Bob Marley wrote about Summers.

The song opens with an indication that we refuse to be what you wanted us to be; which is clearly a statement that Summers patrons aren't salsa dancers, nor are they willing to pay a cover charge to salsa dance, nor are they willing to show up in any numbers even if a trophy and a cash prize are offered.

Perhaps all the patrons knew that those artifacts of Babylon would later be taken away and they would be denied entrance to Zion.

The second stanza lets everyone know that Babylon Summers is the vampire and it has been feasting on the children day by day. The great thing about Bob Marley's music is that this could mean anything. It could mean Joe sucks the patience out of Summers customers by having the same terrible customer serice representatives day after day. It could also mean that Mya looks like a vampire and she feasts on the blood of her victims.

The third stanza recalls the Summers patrons who have been treading on the winepress much too long. More importantly, it also remembers that Summers patrons have been taken for granted much too long.

Joe, you can't educate I.
Joe, you can't deceive continually.

Joe, tell your patrons the truth.
Joe, tell your patrons before they rebel.

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  1. Summers system is the vampire. Yeah.
    Sucking the money out of the sufferers.