Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birchmere v Summers

As much as I love Summers, every once in a while I like to check into a new Foursquare venue just to keep up the weekly point total. I know I'm never going to be the Foursquare Mayor of Summers, partly because I support rogue facebook pages, and partly because I'm on probation for trying to walk through the kitchen. I know I couldn't even handle being the Foursquare Mayor of Summers for with great power comes great responsibility.

One place I wouldn't mind being Foursquare Mayor of is the Birchmere Music Hall. I had occasion to check into this venue the other evening, and although I'm like eleventeen days away from being Foursquare Mayor of the Birchmere, I did spend enough time in the Birchmere to steal a few ideas to pass along to the Foursquare Mayor of Summers.

One, at the Birchmere, they have servers that bring you beer. I know its not a novel concept, but its fucking brilliant. The next time you're running for Foursquare Mayor of Summers, your platform should be servers will actually bring you beer.

Two, at the Birchmere, they have servers that bring you food. I know this is not a novel concept either, but people are happy when you bring them food. Summers patrons might enjoy Summers more if you brought them food. Well, brought them food in a timely manner and brought them food that didn't taste like you went across the street, walked through the Wendys drive-through, brought it back to Summers, dropped it in a vat of stale cooking grease, coated it in wing sauce, and plated it on a lettuce leaf I think I saw in the garbage can outside Boston Market.

Three, at the Birchmere, they play music. I mean they play music people enjoy. I don't know what kind of online survey you conducted, but the music I hear in Summers is music that I have never heard before, and it is music I never want to hear again.

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