Friday, June 11, 2010

Attention Door Fanatics!

Brace yourselves for some all-new one-way swingin' see-thru action with the long anticipated SUMMERS NEW DOOR!  Yes, folks, a thrill to chain smokers and door lovers up and down Clarendon Boulevard, SUMMERS NEW DOOR has been expressly installed to delight your eyeballs, tingle your fingertips, and keep out the wandering riff-raff who can't tell Push from Pull.  See you on the other side, suckas!  ...could somebody please bring me some hand sanitizer?


  1. It is like the new employee at Summers. It is just glad to have a job. Little does it know how Joe will mistreat it and how little he will pay. And just like a bartender, Joe will get rid of the door the minute is gets dirty.

  2. Whomemver posted this picture needs to get with the times. Mean Joe Green ain't skimping on signage anymore. No more paper signs affixed with blue tape. Only pre-fabriacted plastic signs for the Red Room. In the words of Flo, JJ & Penny, we're movin on up.