Sunday, June 6, 2010

When The Music's Over

Before I sink into the big sleep I want to hear, I want to hear the scream of the butterfly.

The scream of the butterfly is way better than the scream of the drunken buffoon that tries to sing karaoke songs at Summers. Now, I don't want to set off on another sizzling rant, but why are the songs at Summers so shitty? To be fair, its the background music as much as the karaoke.

A weekend night at Summers makes American Idol rejects sounds like Justin Bieber. Its not the Emcee's fault, although I like the new guy way better simply because he wears a belt.

During the week though, its worse. Mean Joe Green grew up in Malta so his idea of good music is mediterranean mama mias murdering a melody. But the crap that he puts through the speakers is worse than the crap he puts on the plates.

Seriously, take a page from Iota. Iota is 1/10 the size of Summers but it is 10 times better.

I mean as far as music goes of course.

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