Monday, June 7, 2010

When you try to believe her just a little too much

Dear Slog1: I will post a picture of Summers Restaurant if I want to post one because nobody tells Mike Green what to do. Not even Coach Boudreau. He tells me to play defense, but what the hell does he know? Has he ever won a Norris Trophy? Soccer isn't even a real sport so who cares if some local rag featured this place. It is a dump. I mean this place looks like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. You are doing a great disservice to the community in which I live by not posting pictures of this place, we need to tell potential customers that the colour scheme may adversely affect those that are prone to vertigo or drinking too much. I just pray to God someone doesn't paint this place red. I love rocking the red, and red means passion, but painting this place red would only encourage idiots like that jackass trying to take a picture of me, hey you, yeah you with the camera, what the hell is your fucking problem? Come here. This is why I hang out at Cafe Asia. Serisouly come here you paparazzi piece of shit, give me the fucking camera, or I'll kick your bitchy little ass punk... WHAM... #$%^^%*#@&

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  1. Dear Mr. Green:

    Summers is a family restaurant. Did you even see the sign? Maybe you didn't because you're shorter than Little Gary so just trust me. Please watch your language or I will have to report you to one of the administrators of the blog. My mom reads this blog because it is the only way for her to find out what I am doing with my life, so I would apprecate it if you would refrain from using foul language.

    Thank you, a loyal reader of this blog