Monday, June 14, 2010

The Death of the Mya Civilization - Part II

Mya is a Mesoamerican bartender, noted for the only known fully developed written record of her own self-mportance and attractiveness to customers, as well as her bad service, inability to get your drink right, and the long periods when she disappeared from view refusing to provide any service. Initially established during the Pre-Classic Summers period (c. 2000 AD to 2008 AD), according to the Barishannican chronology, many Mya customers reached their lowest state of development during the Classic period (c. 2009 AD to 2010 AD), and continued their slow miserable death through the Post-Classic period until the arrival of the Spanish futbol fans.

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  1. Thank you, Professor Ess-Dog. As the less culturally conscious member of the Slumlog Administrative Squad, I often forget how entertaining it can be to contemplate the annals of history - even the recent annals - while gaining a real appreciation for all the monumentally shitty people and events that comprise the fabric of Slummers' legacy. I appreciate this little reminder that the present is only as hopeless as the foundation upon which it was so ineptly built.