Monday, June 14, 2010

The Death of the Mya Civilization - Part I

I don't want to get off on another rant here, but what the hell is up with the service at Summers recently? I know that Mya has been working a lot recently and that distresses me. She's terrible. Maybe I don't get it because I'm a eunuch and I'm immune to her feminine wiles if you can call them that. She's not charming, and she's not funny, and every time she smiles and she's like me love you long time, I'm like that's not even what I ordered so I'm just going to leave now and you can stop smiling becasue your smile isn't even genuine in the first place Dragon Lady.

Seriously, I don't understand how she still has a job. Sure, its World Cup season, but everyone is showing World Cup games and they're on ESPN and ABC too. Those are like two channels Mean Joe Green can't even get, so what's the point?

I know that you imagine that you're going to be busy during World Cup time, but that's not reason to keep a shitty bartender like Mya on the payroll.


  1. I'm a eunuch too, what with being an injection-molded polymer and all, but even I like to look up Mya's skirt every once in a while. Maybe it's because it's the only part of her that I can see from 6 inches off the floor here.

  2. Good point. I think I can see her vuvuzela.