Friday, June 4, 2010

Giant Foaking Q

This post isn't strictly Summers-related per se, but I had to share the story anyway.

I just got carded for buying NyQuil.

What the foaq is up with that? Apparently its an age-restricted substance. It is NyQuil for crying out loud; it is not Colt 45. Second, I look like I'm forty-five the way I abuse my body in the Redrum at Summers. You're really going to ask for my i.d. for a small bottle of NyQuil?

That's worse service than Nathan used to provide. But at least he never carded me.


  1. Clearly this means that you aren't using NyQuil in the right way, if you can't understand why they would card you. Next time try buying a giant foaqing bottle and chugging it. Then try remembering your own name, let alone finding your ID card. I'm not saying I actually know what it'll do to you, but I'll bet it's something good.

  2. Oh my god, I totally get why I was carded NOW.

    I just woke up from fourteen hours of the most glorious uninterupted sleep I have had in years. I also understand why the receipt has a giant "You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase medicine containing dextromethorphan" warning. And why there is a reminder to help Prevent Teen Cough Medicine Abuse.

    I was just taken aback by the fact I got carded. But considering this stuff is yummy and I still feel like I'm high, I get it. I would also never chug the stuff, that's what the darling little plastice shot glass are for.