Saturday, December 18, 2010

Boots or Hearts?

I know you can't judge a book by its cover but can you judge a concert by its audience?

I would like to think that I can keep an open mind but as I was wandering aimlessly around the Verizon Center last night I saw a lot of people. Not only did I see a lot of people, I saw a lot of ladies. Not only did I see a lot of ladies, I saw a lot of young ladies. Not only did I see a lot of young ladies, I saw a lot of young ladies in tight pants and high heels.

I was just in the neighborhood to see Tron, I couldn't imagine that there were this many young hotties to see Tron in 3-D too. Little did I know.

When I was trying to order a drink from the bartender who had trouble seeing me because of all the young ladies in high heels, I ordered a beer and when I asked if I could pay he asked me if I was going to the Usher concert too.

Now I don't want to draw a direct corelation of all the young hotties in heels to Usher, but the movie audience for Tron 3-D didn't have any young hotties, let alone women in general, it was just a bunch of unfunny white nerds trying to outdo eacher other with video game jokes.

And I was like I spent $15 to listen to unfunny nerds when I could have gone to Summers?

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