Saturday, December 25, 2010

Summers Christmas List

10. New Bartenders - Seriously, Summers needs new bartenders.
9. New Color Scheme - I know the red & green color scheme of the "Red Room" is very holiday and very festive, but it makes me nauseous.
8. New ceiling tiles - The moldy tiles are very moldy.
7. New Happy Hour Specials - Happy Hour until Eight is great, but what have you done for me lately, and every good bar has eight is great specials.
6. New televisions - You might actually want to show sports on your televisions rather than CNN or local news, you know, condsidering you say you're a sports bar.
5. New Facebook Page - The current page doesn't seem to be drawing in customers.
4. New Customers - The current customers don't seem to be responding to the facebook page.
3. New Customers - I suppose you might also want new customers that don't understand bad service but respond to asians with bad attitudues and no customer service skills that are dressed in short skirts.
2. New Customers - You might also want customers who put up with all your bullshit and actually understand why you keep the back bar open but don't actually staff it with people.
1. New Customers - You also might want customers who sympathize with you as a bad small business owner who is under such pressure to make a profit that he cuts corners and hires short-sighted mal-adjusted asians who doesn't speak english and don't have any customer service skills and actually drive customers away because they're so bad which is the worst business plan of 2010, but here's to turning it around in 2011.

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