Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dead Cats, Dead Mall Rats

Dead Cats, Dead Mall Rats
Did ya see where they where at?

Can you believe the gall
of shoppers at the mall
who build a berlin wall
as they walk down the hall
hoping to get that call
so they slow to a crawl

And they get on my case
as I create some space
so I can tie my shoelace
so I don't fall on my face
without an ounce of grace
as I try to find that place

Where everybody knows your name
and we're just glad you came
because nobody is to blame
and Summers knows the game
and their claim to fame
is how their service is lame

And although the service is slow
is doesn't interrupt the flow
or harsh on my mellow
like idiots that don't know
that the escalators go
up and down

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