Sunday, October 3, 2010

Football Jersey Shore

Is it just me or does a football jersey automatically raise the decibel level on a person's indoor voice? And why does wearing a football jersey make someone dumber than Pauly D? Granted I was in the Red Room halfway through the 4:00 clock games today and all the jersey shore sopranos wannabe goombas watching the Jets game and talking about the Mets and the Yankees has been drinking since 11:15 when they called their bookies to place a 2 grand Burlington Bertie on the Buffalo Bills so they had been drinking for hours and were too drunk to remember the difference between inside voice and outside voice, but NYC is so BFD and OMG WTF?

And why are so many football fans metrosexuals? I saw more exfoliated pores and more hair product and smelled more Axe body spray in the Red room today than I did the day it was painted red by the out of work tunesmiths in Colour Me Badd.

You wouldn't catch hair product on a hockey fan.

Unless that hockey fan was Darcy Tucker, Mother [radio edit]. Enjoy retirement A-hole.


  1. Jabronies. Wearing an NFL Jersey makes you feel invincible... much the same way as getting my nails done makes me feel like I type at lightening speed or having a lot of books makes me feel well-read or holding the microphone for Summers Karaoke makes me feel like Taylor Swift. Awesome.

  2. God you are lame.