Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This was the view from the top of the Caps bandwagon as it traveled down H street and just for the record I was only on the bandwagon because bandwagon Caps fans saw my red jersey and just assumed I was a Caps fan because they don't know any better and I had to hitch a ride because the Metro wasn't running because the WMATA in all of its infinite wisdom decided to close stations between Foggy Bottom and Metro Center on a holiday weekend with major events downtown and college students returning to GW & AU and people returning from holiday travel, but luckily enough I have Caps bandwagon fans as friends, let's call them Keno and Priss, who were able to save me a seat on the Caps bandwagon as it sped through downtown.

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  1. Don't get jealous because we're the best game in town man and seriously man I grew up in Calgary and I'm a Stampede fan at heart and I don't really understand the rules of NFL football but the Redskins don't inspire confidence in me the same way that the Red Rockers do if you know what I mean and seriously it is not a bandwagon if people like us because we're awesome.