Thursday, October 14, 2010

Report from the Blue Line

I heard a rumor that Facebook was charging Summers Restaurant & Sports Bar $90 a month for a free Facebook page. I've never been to Summers so I can't really comment on the clientelle or the ownership, but that shit is fucked up. One of the major keys to Facebook's success is that it is free for users.

On the other hand, if you are stupid enough to pay for a free service, you shouldn't own a business in the first place. You're probably the same small business owner paying for free advertising. Or the same person making patrons pay for free chips & salsa. Which were never technically free because you actually had to ask for them, and that "free" promotion lasted about a week.

Serioulsy, if you're going to try and draw patrons in to your bar, don't draw them in and then shove a cold javelin up their ass. You can't keep screwing with your customers like that.

That's why I hang out at Cafe Asia.

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