Friday, October 8, 2010

Great Day in Harlemington

It was such a great day in Arlington today that I almost didn't show up for work but I'm attached to these god-awful walls by a couple of hinges and so I can't sit outside the Arlington County building just snoozing in the sun like some other people I know who left work early and wanted to go see The Social Network but forgot that that the movie is playing at Ballston not Courthouse even though I typed out a message on my new Blackberry Storm by using my door stop to its fullest advantage so its your own damn fault that you wasted your entire afternoon but I have no sympathy for you because I was stuck indoors all day because you know I am a door and people need to recognize but they dont because kids these days don't even know what Arlington used to be like back in the day when people actually opened doors for other people.

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