Sunday, January 9, 2011

Changes and Shooting Ranges

It is the New Year and most people want a change, so I contacted some friends, put on my best gumshoe disguise and worked the Ballston Beat on Friday night and report the following... (1) there seemed to be no, I repeat no, persons of interest or "wanted individuals" in the restaurant I attended, good for business, bad for blogging (2) the crowd is getting younger and younger, while I seem to be getting older and older... I don't like it, but with enough botox n'stuff, no one will notice anyway (3) office parks are popular places to have bars but I still prefer the atmosphere in Old Town or good ol' Courthouse/Clarendon.

I was pumped up after tonight's Caps game, so I went across the street to play Golden Tee and Big Buck Hunter. Rumor has it, that Summers once had one of those games...but well, if they had a suggestion box, and I'd like to think that they do, but I'd like to put that on the list - especially since I won my game of BBH tonight. Thank you. Goodnight.


  1. Where the fuck have you been? I just devoted an entire epsiode of America's Most Wanted to you because I never thought I was going to see you again. Thank god you made a New Year's resolution to post more because those other posters were getting kind of stale. Welcome back MT!

  2. Tiles don't have fingers. So cut the tiles some slack until they clean up their act.

  3. that all kidding aside, I'm just happy to have the moldy tiles back.

    And in addition to that, can I just say how much I hate the mall, whether its Ballston Mall, Pentagon City Mall, or any mall in between?

    There are so many people at the mall that are doing absolutely nothing that they get in my way when I am trying to do something like return a rental tux or this shitty Christmas present my third cousin twice removed got me.

    There are so many slow fat people in my way, I'm not sure that I am going to be able to return the penguin suit before the close of business and I'll get charged another rental fee I can't afford.

  4. John, Rollie, Ess-Dog... thanks for all your support in these tedious and as some would say, haunting, times of delivering on New Year's Resolutions.

    Today I went to the Pentagon City Mall with the same intense focus and similar facial expression that Sonny uses when he is collecting cover fees for UFC. Even with my aloof disposition I was stopped multiple times by mall cart sales people looking for the post-holiday sales quotas. Brutal and now I have hit my mall quota for the month.

  5. That's rough, and my hatred of malls is well documented so I'm totally on your side. I'm sure the look on your face when you got stopped my a mall cart sales person was the same as the look on my face when someone stops me and tells me there's a lady in the red room bathroom. Total bewilderment.