Monday, January 24, 2011

What's the deal with NFL Sundays?

The Red Room is for smoking,
and it makes me feel like I am choking.
One thing that makes me mad,
When it takes 20 minutes to get my tab.
If you are going there to watch sports,
you might as well go to Four Courts.


  1. The Four Courts has like three televisions. Perhaps you should drink less beer, generate a smaller tab and spend the time learning to count. As bad as Summers might be, you're still more likely to see a game there than at Four Courts.

  2. Have you even been to Four Courts? That place is as happy as a bar in Hobbiten and has well over the appropriate amount of TVs. The walls are beige, the food is delicious, the happy hours are delightful and the music gosh darn tap your toes fantastic. Now that's an example of a bar that is really trying... and I'm really trying to be there.