Friday, January 7, 2011

Six of one, half a dozen...

Is there really any difference between Bud Light and Miller Lite?

Tonight I found myself trapped in the Red Room in the worst conversation since I got caught in a pointless argument with a long-haired hippe wannabe named Kelley (and it was a dude too, go figure) about whether Fairport Convention or The Kinks were the most English of the English British Invasion bands.

Even worse, I was swept up in the totally tiresome talk of the Titans of Taste who were arguing the merits of Bud Light and Miller Lite.

Firt of all, Bud Light hasn't been any good since they got their taste vortexes handed to them in Bud Bowl II. Second of all, Miller doesn't even know how to spell "Light" correctly. Thirdly, it is not fucking rocket science considering neither one of them actually tastes like beer. I mean, its not like you're arguing the merits of Newcastle and Guinness. Finally, you're at Summers, you're not exactly beer conissuers.

The best part about the whole awkward conversation was that Mya offered her learned opinion even though she's never had a sip of beer in her life. And the second best part about the whole awkward conversation was her running her mouth about which shitty beer tastes better and me saying do you know enough about beer to actually pour me one?

Which only further hightens the dramatic irony considering how much I like Summers and how much the service sucks.

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