Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

If Summers was a person that could make resolutions, here are a few I would suggest:

1. Find A New Way to Attract Customers - Karaoke is passable, but Salsa dancing is a shitty idea. Especially when you started by charging for it. Find something that will actually draw new people in, not encourage Summers staff to dance on their break. Here's an idea, why don't you ask people that show up what they woud like?

2. Complete a Customer Survey - Summers is in the service industry and as such one of their goals should be to improve customer service, and once again, one way to do that would be by asking people that show up what they think rather than trying to figure it out by yourself in your deep dark dungeon.

3. Conduct a complete staff review - This review should also include comments from other staff members and patrons because we all know you only hire someone if you think the chick is hot. One of the problems that Summers has is many on the staff don't work hard, don't anticipate customer needs or don't even respond to customer needs once that need has been vocalized by some drunken bum in the back hollering about the fact that Summers has run out of beer.

4. Find Your Niche - Seriously you have 12 screens showing 12 different basketball games and you don't have anyone watching them, but you put one Caps game on and you get a bunch of Caps bandwagon fans. Bandwagon fans are good for business so you should figure out if you want to appeal to random basketball fans who may or may not gone to North Dakota State or appeal to hardcore hockey fans or other niche sports like you do with English Premiere League.

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