Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hell Hath No Fury Like Mike Green Scorned

I know. I've seen My Name is Earl and I get the whole concept of karma. I also heard all about John Lennon in December and I know that instant karma is going to get me. All that being said, I didn't know that my anti-disestablismentmikegreenism was going to come back and bite me in the ass like it did.

Everyone who has ever read this blog (thanks mom! i totes heart you!) knows I have a deep-seeded hatred for Mike Green and the way he plays hockey. Turnabout is fair play, and all the chickens who cant play defense came back to roost today.

Anyway, today was the last time Ottawa would play hockey in Washington during the regular season and I had my ticket ready and waiting by the front door.

Before I left I decided to have a few pops though. It was weird because the game was at 3 and I don't like drinking during the winter when the sun is up, but it is hockey, and I started drinking at 11 AM, I mean who doesn't love a Bloody Mary for brunch (hi mom! i had celery for breakfast!)? Well, one Bloody Mary led to four more and I was drinking up until 2 when I suddenly realized it was time to go.

I jumped on the metro.

And got as far as Rosslyn.

When I remembered that metro wasn't running between Rosslyn and Foggy Bottom. Well, not so much remembered as they told me to get off the train because it wasn't going to DC. Fucking Ted Leonsis and his attempts to keep all Caps haters out of the city.

Well, I showed him by not even going to the game and not giving him any of my money.

Only to realize that when I got home I had already paid for the tickets.

Damn you Ted Leonsis, Mike Green, and damn you too metro!

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